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We are a diverse group of people of all ages that came together to do what we love: 19 cast and crew members, from 14 countries, and ages between 23-86 have all helped adapt "Pie in the Sky" into a feature film

Word of the Director

Maria Gobetti

“I am thrilled to see one of our most critically acclaimed plays (written by Lawrence Thelan) turned now into a successful film. Larry wrote both the screenplay and the stage version. I am thankful to the whole team, first the steady hand and calming force of our artistic director Tom Ormeny, our amazing set designer Evan Bartoletti, our cinematographer Navid Tavakolnia, and every single crew member who made this possible. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to work again with K Callan and Laurie O’Brien. Their poignant and funny performances will fill your heart more than the slices of pie we shared with audiences each night after the stage version! My thanks to our producer Eric Ronn who had the vision to turn this play into a movie. With this story about two women over 65, I want to say to all women (and especially senior women), “I am with you, I am rooting for you. It’s never too late to pursue the happiness we all deserve.”

Maria Gobetti

Word of the Producer

Eric Ronn

During the first lockdown of the pandemic, I suddenly had the urge to bake. However, everyone in Los Angeles had the same idea. I drove to dozens of supermarkets, and couldn’t find flour anywhere. That’s when it hit me. I remembered the play Pie in the Sky. 

After six months of planning, it all came to an end with a final shout of “it’s a wrap” on 03.14.21 official Pie Day! A team of hard-working professionals has made the impossible possible. We safely created a feature film during our first pandemic. And most importantly, we had a great time doing what we love to do.

                                                                                      Eric Ronn

  • Facebook is the official website for Pie in the Sky (2021) the movie. Created by Eric Ronn, directed by Maria Gobetti and Navid Tavakolniad as Director of photography. Starring K Callan and Laurie O'Brien. The Victory Theatre, and On the Ronn Productions.

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